Saturday, June 20, 2009

Only Now I Realize Why We Have Magnesium Crystals Here

In this home where I currently live, a ready bottle or box of magnesium crystals are alsways ready. I never had any of it to be honest when I was still in the Philippines. And up to the present, I do not have any idea if this is also sold in the Philippines. Or maybe it is not needed there? I just don't know. But this thing, if we feel something bad in the stomach after we have eaten something here, our relief is by drinking the magnesium.. Of course the crystals are mixed with water dissolving a sprite/seven-up like flavor. It's not so bad, right?

When I have read something about magnesium online (at, I decided to share what it says about magnesium. I decided to share it with you and to any reader of this thing or anyone who wants to discover something about magnesium.

As I have read from my source (mentioned above), magnesium is a mineral that is essential to many biological processes that occur in the body. It aids in the body’s absorption of calcium and also plays a key role in the strength and formation of bones and teeth. This means that those at risk for osteoporosis can benefit from taking magnesium.

Only now i have known this... so it means that calcium is useless without the help of magnesium. So what what the use of my daily milk and cheese intake here or before when I never had magnesium? I hope it ws not wasted at all.

Magnesium also is vital for maintaining a healthy heart because it helps stabilize the rhythm of the heart and helps prevent abnormal blood clotting in the heart. Moreover, it aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels for it can significantly lower the chance of heart attacks and strokes, and can even aid in the recovery from a heart attack or stroke.

Here is another magnesium goodness. This mineral also helps maintain proper muscle function. It works to keep muscles properly relaxed. Because of its benefits in relieving stiff muscles, magnesium can be especially beneficial to fibromyalgia patients.

Most people do not maintain proper levels of magnesium and yes, I am aware of it. It seems that this mineral is taken for granted. I don't even know what good it does to the body until I have read something from the site I have mentioned above.. For this reason, many people would greatly benefit from supplementing their diet with magnesium and i recommend that you do the same... you have read all the reasons above why you should do so...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stay Fit Instead of Relying to Diet Programs of Have the Yoyo Effect in Your Body All the Time

Exercising of getting fit is a commitment. And prevention is always better than getting a cure, which means, staying in shape is always better than getting overweight or underweight and later on work it out back to your/one's normal or fit body level. I learned these facts while I was working with my previous organization (or employer) and we were given the chance to join various activities organized by colleagues for either a very discounted fee or for free.

The company/organization actually supports its employees as well in this endeavor as it contains everything inside its compound to further these leisure needs for employeees: tennis court, multi purpose gymnasium that can be transformed into basketball court, inddor tennis court, football field, etc, etc,. There was also various rooms for exercises and other activities like yoga. The fitness room was with the latest equipments ever.

Enough of promoting what the Company has inside as the list is so long. When the fitness instructor, who is also the physical therapist of the organization discussed with us fitness program participants how do we go fit, we touched the topic of dieting. It seems that having a diet program when one is not in the correct shape is not very advisable. Why? It's the yo-yo effect that is very disturbing. Well, from personal opinion, I could sensne what a yoyo effect is.

What is the yoyo effect then. I know what is the yoyo and I presume it's one's weight that goes high and low or goes up and down just like a Yoyo. Consider someone who is fat and wishes to get in fitness level again: that person would exercise much, eat so less and then he or she would achive her goal of lesser weight and fitness level desired. However, since that person is kind of deprived with food and comfort level for a few weeks or days or months, he or she, right after getting fit, would eat much again and sleep much. These activities would make that person again gain weight and he or she would repeat the exercise and diet process again to lose weight.

Do you like that? Fat-thin-fat-thin-fat you? For me, that is not a good idea. Staying fit all through out is the answer. Moderation of food intake, moderation of exercise schedule and level always do great for me. How about you? Have you had a fitness yo-yo?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Sun of Our Health and Fitness

Living in Gelderland (Netherlands-Germany birder) is warmer than living in the Hague. It’s been almost a month since I was here and my running for three days each week has been consistent. When I ran today, I noticed that people that were also running were with running shorts and racer back running shirts. I was still with sweater and running pants. I realized then that the weather is hotter compared to the previous weeks and when I went home, I also changed to shorts and went out again to work in my garden.

The sun was really hot and I liked it. Living in the Hague did not permit a lot of going out but now that the garden is here, the sun is shining, it would be great to lay down it and be brown again, as brown is my natural color. I feel so pale being in cold every time and always wearing clothes that cover each inch of the skin. I missed my sleeveless and short shorts back in the Philippines.

I was curious what the mighty sun could offer. Thus, I searched around. I understood, from elementary studies that sun offers Vitamin D. However, things might have changed considering a different environment these days: more pollution, more global warming issues, more ozone layer burning, etcetera, etcetera. And indeed I found it! Not only the good stuff but actually more on the negative side of staying under the sun.

I was even surprised to read that even in cloudy day sun can cause damage to us if we are situated in certain locations of this earth. I have not searched yet for Netherlands but for some, the mighty sun can cause cancer of the skin, eye injuries and other illnesses caused by heat. This is of course obvious if we stay a lot under the sun.

What I do is, I run early when the sun is still young and not burning like hell. Then I also have my sun glasses with me all the time. No matter what bad the sun can offer, I still believe that the overall benefit outweigh the negative effects the sun causes. It also feels great when I sweat out with the help of the sun. Personally, I feel more healthy than sweating without it.

What do we do then? Do not stay so long under, moderation is the answer.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Men, Your Anxiety Can Kill You!

The role of anxiety in hiking heart attack risk also goes beyond the effects of depression, anger, hostility, Type A behavior and other negative emotions. These psychological factors are important in predicting the risk of heart disease, but anxiety is unique. Older men with sustained and pervasive anxiety appear to be at increased risk for a heart attack even after their levels of depression, anger, hostility and Type A behavior are considered.

Although most people think of anxiety as intense worry, it id looked much deeper than this and can be examined in four different measures.
The first anxiety scale measured psychasthenia, or excessive doubts, obsessive thoughts and irrational compulsions. The second anxiety scale measured social introversion, or anxiety, insecurity, and discomfort in interpersonal and social situations. The third anxiety scale measured phobias, or excessive anxieties or fears about animals, situations or objects. The fourth anxiety scale, manifest anxiety, measured the tendency to experience tension and physical arousal in stressful situations.

It was found that men who tested at the highest 15th percentile on any of the four anxiety scales, as well as on a scale combining all four, faced an increase in the risk of heart attack of approximately 30 to 40 percent. Those who were found to have even higher levels of anxiety on psychological testing faced an even higher risk of heart attack. This finding held true even after the findings were adjusted for standard cardiovascular risk factors, health habits, and negative psychological and personality traits.

The good thing about
anxiety is that it's very treatable, and if someone is highly anxious--if they're suffering from panic attacks or social phobia or constant worry--therapy is available. Although more research is needed about anxiety, it is hoped that by reducing anxiety future risk of heart attack will also be lowered . The subject of the studies/research so far is on men. The role of anxiety provoking heart attacks on women have not been addressed yet. Thus, for men out there, you better be relaxed. Everything will be all right. Don't be too anxious or you'll risk your heart.